Planning & Land Use Committee

“The Planning and Land Use Committee seeks to improve the quality of life in Northwest San Pedro by studying, influencing, and monitoring planning, land use, and proposed developments to best meet the needs and character of our community.”

Planning & Land Use Committee Members:

Chair:  Diana Nave
Committee Members
: Carolyn Grayson, Lee Williams, Jason Herring, David Rivera, Chuck Hart, Pete Burmeister

  • View Planning and Land Use Reports Here

♦NORTH GAFFEY PHASE II Schematic.  Download (large file may take a few minutes to download)

11/5/14.  re:code LA Overview  (Large file may take a few minutes to download).

♦11/5/14.  LANI Unveils Conceptual Designs for Gaffey.  More info here.

7/10/14.  Staff report for the proposed Master Planned Development (MPD) Zone ordinance. The ordinance will be considered by the City Planning Commission on July 24, 2014.  The ordinance establishes the MPD Zone as a new zone classification to streamline the entitlement of master planned, campus-like or otherwise unified and integrated development projects. 

♦10/14/13.  Link to the Planning Department’s new report on digital off-site signage options and the proposed citywide sign ordinance:  Report on Digital Signs and Sign Ordinance-1



February 2014:  SCAG RPV Western Ave Design Guidelines: Draft Document (note, this is a 71 page file and will take a few minutes to download).

Information on Western Avenue Vision Plan from

Appendix A_Guiding PrinciplesAppendix A_Guiding Principles

Appendix B_2012_11_14_Western_Ideas-draft (Note: This is a very large file and could take 5-10 minutes to download). 


PONTE VISTA – Click here to access Ponte Vista update and past records.


November 2012 -
LADOT’s response to NWSPNC’s comments on the Marymount San Pedro MNd (Mitigated negative declaration):

October 2011 -

  • Draft Traffic Impact Study for Marymount College San Pedro Campus. Download file. (large file may take several minutes to download.)
  • Long term plans for campus at PV Drive North & Western. Download file.
  • View documents related to traffic study being conducted for the Marymount College Facility on Palos Verdes Drive North in conjunction with their plans for expansion. Document 1Document 2, and Document 3.

The Los Angeles Department of City Planning held an Open House/Public Hearing in December 2012 regarding proposed Zone Changes and Plan Amendments to the San Pedro Community Plan, in accordance with the Los Angeles City Charter. The existing San Pedro Community Plan was adopted in 1999 and is being updated to reflect current policies, practices, and conditions.

The proposed Zone Changes and Plan Amendments are initiated by the City of Los Angeles and involve private and publicly owned land. The official hearing notice link can be found at the top of this page, and contains a map of areas that are proposed for change.

The Proposed Plan would preserve the character of existing single-family and lower density neighborhoods by maintaining lower density land use designations and limiting the allowed residential density of some neighborhood commercial areas. The Proposed Plan seeks to direct growth away from existing residential neighborhoods by focusing growth in higher-intensity commercial centers, including emphasis of the downtown as San Pedro’s regional center with increased residential and commercial activity. Proposed land use changes would be implemented by Plan amendments, zone changes, height district changes and other long range implementation programs. The purpose of the hearing is to obtain testimony from affected and/or interested persons regarding the proposed changes. The decision maker will consider all the testimony presented at the hearing, written communication received prior to or at the hearing, and the merits of the proposed changes as they relate to existing environmental and land use policy and regulations. Please contact me at the e-mail address or phone number below if you have any questions. Documents related to the San Pedro Community Plan update are available at the website address:

Contact info:

Debbie Lawrence, AICP San Pedro Community Planner
City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning, Policy Planning
200 N. Spring Street, room 667
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 978-1163 (213) 978-1477 (fax)

8/31/12 – Supplemental Mural Ord Staff ReportDownload here.

8/31/12 – Update on new parking districts ordinanceDownload here. 

8/21/12 - The newest draft of the San Pedro Community Plan and the EIR documents for it are now available at

Green Paper: Re-thinking Neighborhood Planning (a green paper by Dr Patricia Kaszynska, James Parkinson and Will Fox)

Comments from Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council on the San Pedro Community Plan, May 30, 2012. Download here..

Summary of Retaining Wall Ordinance Public Meetings – August/September 2011

Over the past few of months, the City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning conducted meetings throughout the City in order to hear public comments and discuss issues related to retaining walls in Los Angeles. View the slideshow presented at these meetings; and a summary of the comments received to date. This information will be used as the basis for development of the new Retaining Wall Ordinance. If you did not get a chance to attend any of the public Kick-Off Meetings, this is your opportunity to review the information presented and received, and submit your early input. Comment period has closed.


Target Improvements

Plan 4-Option 1
Plan 4-Option 2 key
Plan 4-Option 2 Details
Option 3 ANSI
Option 4 ANSI

Community group sues to halt implementation of Community Plan Overlay Districts - December 2010
LA Neighbors United filed suit against the City of Los Angeles to halt implementation of the new Community Plan Overlay Districts Ordinance (CPIO). Here is a link to a copy of the action and an explanation. These documents and others are posted on

Northwest’s Comments on Proposed Zoning Code Core Findings
CoreFindings City’s proposed ordinance (Large file, will take a few moments to download).
Click here to view NWSPNC’s comments.
Myths and Facts About the City Planning Department’s Recent Initiatives

Kinder Morgan/JCC Homes

Former Kinder Morgan Site (N. Gaffey & Gatun). Latest information on site clean up.
Additional information on the following website:

City Planning:

Laura Chick looks at Planning Conditions Implementation

Information about Elite Homes’ proposed development at 1160 and 1172 W. Eleventh Street:

To view the Villa Tatiana Revised Rendering, click here.
To view the Villa Tatiana Site, click here.

Get information from the city’s Planning Department by clicking on these links:
Planning Dept. – City of Los Angeles
Plan Check NC Los Angeles, an Alliance of Neighborhood Councils