Averill Park Upgrades

Averill Park

The Recreation and Parks Department plans to make repairs to the asphalt walkways at Averill Park. The repair work will take place primarily on the the walkways located on the perimeter of the stream, the upper waterfall area, and near the field restroom building. The park will remain open through out the project but the affected walkways will be caution- taped and barricaded while they are being repaired.The work crews will peel away the asphalt from the affected walkways and then grade and re-asphalt. A certified arborist has been assigned to this project due to the fact that they expect to do some tree root pruning and or grinding, specifically for the walkways located under the Morton Bay fig trees. They do not anticipate removing any trees.They expect the repair work to start as early as April 2, 2013 and be completed by April 16, 2013.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Juan Benitez at juan.benitez@lacity.org.