John Greenwood Walkway Motion

The Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council passed the following motion at its June 10th meeting regarding naming a walkway after past President and Board Member John Greenwood.  The motion reads as follows:

Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council
Community Issues Committee

Whereas, John R. Greenwood, the founding President of the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council, passed away in October, 2012, and

Whereas, John lived an exemplary life and was an inspirational and remarkably productive member of the San Pedro community, and

Whereas, among other accomplishments, John worked in the non-profit sector as a 40-year trainer, board member, executive director and president of CORO of Southern California, and

Whereas, John worked in the public sector as an eight-year elected member of the Board of Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District,

Whereas, John worked in the private sector in San Pedro as a realtor and administrator at the then San Pedro/Peninsula Hospital, and

Whereas, John gave unstintingly to his community as member, board member and in many cases Chair of organizations and groups crucial to the quality of life throughout the region, including:  the Citizens Oversight Committee for Prop. Q, the Gang Alternative Program, the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of San Pedro, Angels Gate Cultural Center, Rotary of San Pedro, and Councilwoman Hahn’s community advisory committee on the development of the Navy housing property on N. Western Ave., and

Whereas, John worked tirelessly with his colleagues on NWSPNC to better his community, becoming as close as we can imagine to being an indispensible citizen, and

Whereas, the NWSPNC has worked closely with the Port of Los Angeles in the effort to improve the appearance of Port property throughout Northwest San Pedro, now

Therefore, the NWSPNC requests to work with the Port of Los Angeles in naming the landscaped walkway being built from the intersection of  Gibson/Pacific and Channel St. (already partially completed) in honor of this great friend of all of the Harbor Area, John R. Greenwood.  In addition to the naming, the NWSPNC wishes to work with the Port to create a permanent marker designating the walkway and noting John’s accomplishments.


Passed Unanimously in Committee, May 29, 2013