Informational Webinars on Proposition P


Informational Webinars on Proposition P
With LA County Parks & Rec Director Russ Guiney 
September 25: 3 – 4 PM  Click here
September 29: 10 – 11 AM  Click here
October 3: 4 – 5 PM  Click here
October 6: 7 – 8 PM  Click here


Los Angeles County voters approved the Safe Neighborhood Parks Measure assessment in 1992. It provides about $54 million a year for neighborhood and regional parks and recreation. That measure is about to expire-Proposition P is designed to preserve park and open space funding through a $23 annual parcel tax. Proposition P will be on the November ballot and there are only a few weeks left to get the word out. 
Attend a webinar to get involved: see the legacy of the previous parks measure and how Proposition P is structured to emphasize projects in park-poor areas; projects that enhance water quality in the LA River, San Gabriel River, creeks, lakes and beaches; projects that protect water supply sources; projects that increase open space; and projects that employ and train local youth. Invite your staff, your team or your organization to attend too. Pass this invitation along! (Go to if you’d like more information about webinars.)
We will also provide fact sheet hand-outs in multiple languages.
Just click on a link above to join the webinar.