Your Dog Can’t Drive, But He Still Needs a License!

Your Dog Can’t Drive, But He Still Needs a License!

Dear Los Angeles Animal Lovers,

A dog license may be your dog’s only life saver if he darts out of the door or finds a gap in your fence. A roaming dog wearing a Los Angeles City dog tag has the best chance of being reunited with his family. The number on the license identifies the owner and we can let you know that “Fido” is a temporary guest in one of our six Los Angeles City Shelters.Reuniting families is an important part of our work.

Show your love. Make sure your dog has a current rabies vaccination. That’s a state law and protects animals and people. Keep the dog license tag attached to your dog’s collar. If you move, please notify Los Angeles Animal Services of your new address or changes in your phone number. And of course, make sure your best friend is spayed or neutered. Many experts believe that spaying and neutering gives your furry family members a longer and healthier life.

We have done so much in Los Angeles and in the United States to reduce the number of companion animals who are abandoned at our shelters, and we still have a long way to go. Preventing unwanted litters of puppies, kittens and bunnies by spaying or neutering your companion is an important step you can take to reduce the number of orphaned pets in shelters.If you do want to raise puppies or kittens, consider becoming a foster volunteer for a shelter near you. You can have the fun of raising babies without adding more pets who may not make it to a home of their own. We also have some great adult dogs, cats and bunnies who are being overlooked.  They are available for foster too and could really benefit from a few days to a few weeks of home care.

So, it’s true: Your Dog Can’t Drive, But He Still Needs a License! And you can be your dog’s best friend by making sure he has a current license and the tag is attached to his collar. Make sure to get your dog spayed or neutered. And, enjoy that unconditional love that your best friend offers you!

Brenda Barnette
General Manager