Sidewalk Vending

Here is the recently released report on Sidewalk Vending.  Download report.

According to the report the City currently prohibits sidewalk vending, but allows for districts to be formed. Proponents have stated that the process is cumbersome; opponents have stated that more enforcement is needed. The fundamental question before Council is whether to modify the existing law. If so, there are a number of rules and regulations that would need to be included in the new policy with regard to the operation of the desired sidewalk vending program relating to time, place and manner, as depicted in Table 3. To the extent Council wishes to provide policy direction on the below categories, it can be included in the drafting of the new policy. Please note that this is not intended to be an exhaustive list of issues. All applicants would be required to obtain the necessary documents such as State ofCalifornia Seller’s Permit, City Business Tax Registration Certificate, and liability insurance. Those who choose food items would also be required to obtain a County of Los Angeles Health Permit. Additionally, approval and a permit by the Recreation and Parks Department would be required if vending is desired in a City park.