VOTE 2020 – Important Community Input needed for future Voting Center placement in Harbor Area


In 2020, Los Angeles County will transition from polling places to vote centers.  Instead of going to a designated polling location,  this new model will allow voters to cast a ballot at any vote center location in the County over an 11-day period.

The Vote Center Placement Project’s (VCPP) core mission is to identify and place accessible and convenient vote center locations throughout Los Angeles County.

All community members are invited to attend one of the County’s upcoming community meetings. This is the opportunity to share thoughts on the placement of these centers.  The Harbor communities have several opportunities to join a regional Vote Center Community Meeting.

The goals of the VCPP are as follows:

  •  Ensure vote center locations are accessible and convenient to voters
  • Gather and consider community input in vote center location selection
  • Educate the public about the new voter experience
  • Ensure the vote center implementation plan meets regulatory requirements