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Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council – Governing Board
(Updated October 2017)
There are a total of 17 board seats.

President - Raymond Regalado
Vice President – Laurie A. Jacobs
 - Cynthia Gonyea 
Treasurer - Melanie Labrecque

Bob Bryant
Bron D’Angelo
Matt Dimeglio
Daniel Dixon
Carlos Garcia
Craig Goldfarb
Gwendolyn Henry
Angela Romero
Steven Skrumbis
Chris Valle
Lee Williams
Sky Zaarour (Youth Seat)
Darlene Zavalney


• DWP –
• City Budget Reps (2) –  Melanie Labrecque & Gwen Henry
• City Attorney Liaison – Pat Nave
• HANC (Harbor Alliance of Neighborhood Councils) – Diana Nave, Ray Regalado (alternate)
• Western Ave Visioning – Mitch Harmatz
• Paseo del Mar Task Force –