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Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council – Governing Board
(Updated July 2016)
There are a total of 17 board seats.

President - Raymond Regalado
Vice President – Lee Williams
 - Cynthia Gonyea 
Treasurer - Melanie Labrecque

Bob Bryant
Pete Burmeister
Bron D’Angelo
Daniel Dixon
Carlos Garcia
Craig Goldfarb
Gwendolyn Henry
Laurie A. Jacobs
Steven Skrumbis
Sarah Valdez
Chris Valle
Matthew DiMeglio (Youth Seat)
Darlene Zavalney

• DWP –
• City Budget Reps (2) –  Craig Goldfarb
• City Attorney Liaison – Pat Nave
• HANC (Harbor Alliance of Neighborhood Councils) – Diana Nave, Ray Regalado (alternate)
• Western Ave Visioning – Mitch Harmatz
• Paseo del Mar Task Force –