CIS – 1/16/19

Contact Information
Neighborhood Council: Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council
Name: Laurie Jacobs
Phone Number: 310-897-8961
The Board approved this CIS by a vote of: Yea(9) Nay(3) Abstain(2) Ineligible(0) Recusal(0)
Date of NC Board Action: 01/14/2019
Type of NC Board Action: For

Impact Information
Date: 01/16/2019
Update to a Previous Input: No
Directed To: City Council and Committees
Council File Number: 19-0002-S1
Agenda Date:
Item Number:
Summary: Whereas, there have been incidents where homeless people have been physically attacked as specific targets because they were homeless, some resulting in deaths; and Whereas, the current definition of hate crime does not include housing status, even though attacks against those experiencing homelessness are a persistent problem; and Whereas, the City of Los Angeles has a significant homeless population, and the City has a responsibility to protect them THEREFORE the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council supports Resolution 19-0002-SI which would add persons experiencing homelessness to the list of those protected by the State’s hate crime law.