CIS for Council File Number 12-0460-S4

Contact Information
Neighborhood Council: Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council
Name: Laurie Jacobs
Phone Number: 310-897-8961
The Board approved this CIS by a vote of: Yea(11) Nay(1) Abstain(0) Ineligible(0) Recusal(0)
Date of NC Board Action: 08/13/2018
Type of NC Board Action: Against unless Amended

Impact Information
Date: 11/28/2018
Update to a Previous Input: No
Directed To: City Council and Committees
Council File Number: 12-0460-S4
Agenda Date:
Item Number:
Summary: While the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council generally supports the draft Process and Procedures Ordinance, we hereby request that it be amended to include the affected Neighborhood Council in all of the sections regarding required notification. The Neighborhood Councils are currently notified of all proposed development that requires discretionary action and we receive a copy of the plans as they are filed. Our community stakeholders have come to rely on the Neighborhood Councils as a source of information about any construction they see in the community. Notification of The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment should not be seen as a substitute for notification of the affected Neighborhood Council.