NWSPNC Committees and Members

Youth and Outreach | Port | Planning and Land Use | Community Issues | Budget & Finance | Sustainability Committee | Public Safety

Updated 9/16/16
(Names in italics are not members of the governing board)





Youth and Outreach Darlene Zavalney  Laurie Jacobs
Jeri Hawkins
Chris Valle
Matthew DiMeglio
Joleen Deatherage
Anise Goldfarb

Sky Zaarour
Sustainability (Green) Gwen Henry
& Chris Valle
Darlene Zavalney
Laurie Jacobs
Janet Gunter
Bobbi Lisk
Chuck Hart
Public Safety Melanie Labreque  Pete Burmeister Cynthia Gonyea
Ashley Grayson
Daina Moisch
Scott Carter
Robin Gregg
Community Vision
(Issues – updated 9/12/16))
Dan Dixon  Craig Goldfarb Peter Burmeister
Robert Bryant
David Rivera
Chuck Hart
Planning and Land Use Diana Nave Lee Williams Pete Burmeister
Chris Harris
Chuck Hart
Jason Herring
Budget and Finance Melanie Labrecque  Chris Valle Pete Burmeister
Bob Bryant
Cynthia Gonyea
Port Phil Nicolay  Carlos Garcia Cynthia Gonyea
Bob Bryant
Craig Goldfarb
By-Laws and Elections Diana Nave Bron D’Angelo George Thompson
HANC Rep & Alternate Ray Regalado
Animal Control Laision Darlene Zavalney Pete Burmeister
Public Works Laision Chris Valle Pete Burmeister