Community Impact Statement Council File 11-1705

Contact Information
Neighborhood Council: Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council
Name: Laurie Jacobs
Phone Number: 310-897-8961
The Board approved this CIS by a vote of: Yea(12) Nay(0) Abstain(0) Ineligible(0) Recusal(0)
Date of NC Board Action: 02/10/2020
Type of NC Board Action: For if Amended

Impact Information
Date: 02/11/2020
Update to a Previous Input: Yes
Directed To: City Council and Committees
Council File Number: 11-1705

Summary: As a general rule, the Northwest San Pedro NC is opposed to all digital billboards. They are dangerous and a type of blight. We recognize, however, that there needs to be a method for some exceptions. Digital billboards are dangerous to drivers and should be completely banned near all freeways, meaning that they should not be visible from the freeways. We realize that some areas, such as a portion of Sunset Blvd, may chose to provide for a digital sign district. Any such district should be established only after input and approval from the immediate community. One way to do this would be by requiring a vote for the establishment of any such district. Another exception might be for small signs in front of schools and entertainment venues where they are posting information about upcoming events. Digital billboards are known contributors to congestion and the incessant blinking of these boards can cause disruption in human and wildlife sleep patterns. The ordinance should require a comprehensive environmental impact study for each proposed digital billboard location. There should be strong regulations regarding the content of digital billboards. Advertising of alcohol, gambling, smoking, vaping, gentlemen’s clubs, or anything else inappropriate for children should be forbidden. Strict and enforceable restrictions with stiff penalties must be put in place to ensure personal data is not skimmed from passing mobile, devices nor photos of any kind made. Digital billboards with advertising should not be allowed in any City property.