Community Issues Committee Page

Committee Meetings–4th Wednesday of each month at 6 pm, Room 452, Municipal Building. (Date changes in months when holidays occur on 4th Wednesday or Thursday of month.)

The NWSPNC Issues Committee is sometimes designated as the “Community Vision Committee.” While having, perhaps, fewer specific areas of concern than our other standing committees, Issues is, in many ways, all-encompassing. The committee sometimes deals with large, city-wide concerns, but is most frequently tasked with taking information and attempting to take action on seemingly local concerns. Everyone is affected by, or unhappy about events or “issues” that affect our local neighborhood, our streets, or our own homes. The committee hears about and attempts to respond to questions of street safety; noise on the Fourth of July and other times during the year; parking issues, including curb painting and overnight parking; cleaning up roadways, parkways and sidewalks, and general quality of life issues throughout the Northwest neighborhoods. Frequently, these small local questions impact other areas of San Pedro or the City at large. The committee attempts to take thoughtful positions, and to ask the City’s officials and departments to help resolve these questions in a meaningful and realistic way. It is unlikely that the range of the committee’s interest or its volume of tasks to be attended to will ever be complete.

Chair: Dan Dixon
Committee Members: Bob Bryant, Peter Burmeister, Craig Goldfarb, Chuck Hart, David Rivera, Chris Valle

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