Proposed Project at Navy Fuel Depot on N. Gaffey

Public Comment now closed on Navy proposal to renew/expand fueling operations at DFSP in San Pedro.

To All San Pedro Community Members and Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council Stakeholders:

The Navy is considering reopening the Defense Fuel Support Point (Depot) on N. Gaffey St. and even expanding the facility for commercial use.

The reopening of this facility, which has existed since 1943, for storing military fuel in underground tanks, might not in and of itself be particularly controversial.  But several factors have brought the decision to the full attention of the community:

  • The Navy Department intends to build Above Ground Tanks at the facility, which would be in addition to two existing large tanks near the corner of Western Ave. and Palos Verdes Dr. North.
  • The Department intends to lease some tank space for private commercial operations. This usage will result in up to 40 tanker truck round-trips (in and out) per day, on Gaffey St. and potentially on Western Ave. (although Western is not listed for this truck usage).
  • Since the closing of the Depot in 2015, Mary Star High School has become fully functional, and the Ponte Vista development has become entitled and is proceeding toward full construction. These projects are directly adjacent to Depot property, and are in addition to the thousands of existing single family residences and condominium units within a close radius.

We urge all of you residents and business owners in the area to review the following documents:

The Navy provided just over a 30 day public comment period, which ended on May 20, 2019 and was then extended to June 3, 2019.  The comment period for the public is now closed.  The Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council is being given the opportunity to submit their final board comments after their board meeting on June 10, 2019.